Tattoo Training

Tattooing is a highly skilled job, which requires expertise training and experience. It is like any other art field where the primary necessity is your basic drawing skills which can be further cultivated. To be a professional tattooist, one needs immense passion and a hundred percent dedication towards your drawing/sketching and tattooing skills in general.

Apart from your drawing/sketching skills, you really need to question yourself hard, on why do you want to become a tattoo artist. If you think that tattooing people gives you “easy money”, then you really need to improvise on your knowledge about tattoo industry. Even if you want to take it as a “Side Business” as lot of people come here with such intentions. Let us tell you that tattooing is not at all easy money, it requires a good amount of investment in developing yourself as well as in buying your equipments. It requires hours of dedication, not only in developing your tattooing skills but also your social skills, communicating skills, inventory- studio managing skills and so on. And most importantly remember that this profession is next to a doctor’s profession, you will be handling live skin and modifying it, so you need to follow all types of hygiene and sterilization methods, plus maintaining a good hygiene of yourself too.

So here at Inksanity, we develop and cultivate your abilities to become a tattooist. During your course you will be provided with all your basic art supplies and all other materials required for the completion of your course.

Cost of Apprenticeship: (Non refundable*)
1 – Standard Course (45 Days) – Fees: 50,000/-
2 – Advanced Professional course (6 months) – Fees: 150,000/-

Tattoo Course Structure

Stage I

  • An overall introduction to field of tattooing.
  • An explanation of sterilization and hygiene procedures and how to carry out the same.
  • Tattoo aftercare procedure
  • Overall introduction to machines, needles and colour pigments.
  • Learning of basic assistant duties and customer relationships.
  • Basic drawing, painting.
  • Knowledge about identifying proper designs for a good tattoo perspective and proper placement of your tracings.

Stage II

  • Advancing your drawing/sketching skills.
  • Machine assembling and basic tuning.
  • Importance of proper stenciling of design and how to carry out the same.
  • Performing proper management of hygiene and sterilization process and set up of work station.
  • Observation of live tattoos.

Stage III

  • Understanding perspective, angles and shadows in drawing.
  • Tattooing on artificial skin-Lining, filling.
  • Advanced study of different needles and machines and their different purposes.
  • Assembling machines as per different tattoo requirement.
  • Observation of advanced live tattoos.

Stage IV

  • Practicing shading techniques on practice skin.
  • Working on your tattoo by Sebastian D’Souza.
  • An advanced session on client handling, promotions, understanding of market, data collection etc.
  • Acquiring your own tattoo equipments.
  • Performing a basic live tattoo under Sebastian’s guidance.
  • Proper stenciling and practice of portrait and photo realistic tattoos on artificial skin.

Stage V

  • This would be your final stage where we will be reviewing all our lessons.
  • Reviewing tattoos made by you.
  • Preparing you for the proper management of your studio or helping you building your portfolio for you
  • being able to work in tattoo studios.
  • Giving you an overview of tattoo community, all the available supply companies, products, different
  • brands and products required for tattooing, etc.