Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t drink heavily at least 24hrs prior to getting a tattoo, it could thin your blood and it is difficult for the artist to work under such circumstances. Please come well rested and on a full stomach. You could even carry some juice or energy drink with you. Most importantly make sure you have enough money to cover the cost of the tattoo.

Yes, please take an appointment before coming. Walk-ins are welcome but call us and check for availability.

The minimum age to get a tattoo is 18years. If you are younger than 18years you need to obtain an approval from your parents or legal guardian.

The more research you do, the easier it is for us to guide you. We do tattoo counselling where in we try to understand your personality, so that we can understand and suggest what looks best on you. We do custom work and can sketch a tattoo for you based on your concept.

Tattoo pricing is subjective. The best way to get an estimate for your tattoo is to stop in at our studio. Also bring any ideas or reference images you have, it will make it easy for us.

High standard of hygiene is maintained in our studio. We are dedicated to quality work, providing the best to our customers. We always think about your health & safety first.

Yes, making a tattoo hurts, but the pain is bearable and temporary. We recommend that you eat well before you come for the tattoo, it helps a bit.

Yes, but not all tattoos can be covered. You can visit our studio and show it to us, so that we can tell you whether it will be possible or not.

Yes, we give free touch up within 6 months of the tattoo.